I bought some earrings & wanted to show u

Hi loves, As you can tell from the (very obvious) title of this post, I bought some earrings and wanted to show you! They deserve to be shared. They deserve to be looked at and appreciated because they are very pretty and I’m a little bit in love with them. I’m kind of an earring … Continue reading I bought some earrings & wanted to show u

music of the month – may

Hi loves, It's that time again! Songs I've been loving in the month of May, there's gonna be a fat long list this month because lots of songs came out in April that were too late to be included in my April post, so I've shoved them all into May instead. Anyway - let's go. … Continue reading music of the month – may

de ja vu

Hi guys, Little forewarning that this post is probably going to make absolutely no sense whatsoever and be difficult to follow because I’m having a hard time explaining this in a coherent manner, so I do apologise before you start reading the mess that is this post. Anyway, I don’t know about anyone else, but … Continue reading de ja vu