Music of the Month – June

Hi loves, Lots of new songs came out this month and as always - here's what I've been listening to in June! ☼ anpanman - bts I mean, I love BTS. LOVE them. This song was something else. If you're not into KPop this definitely won't be to your taste but I think this … Continue reading Music of the Month – June

things that help me cope with my anxiety

Hi loves, Due to the amount of posts I’ve made lately talking about my anxiety, I thought it was only right to do a post talking about the mini ways I’ve found of how to cope with it, mental health is different for every individual therefore, things that ease my own anxiety won’t necessarily ease … Continue reading things that help me cope with my anxiety

let it be

Hi loves, Long time no see, or so it feels like. If I’m being honest, it’s because my mental health is so bad right now I’m just struggling to cope with things in general. I spoke about it a little in this post where I basically just went on a massive ramble but I hate … Continue reading let it be