music of the month – november

Hellooo angels, Here's the music I've been loving in November!! β™‘ thank u, next - ariana grande This would've been in my October music box but lil miss over here released it the DAY AFTER I posted it.Β She's testing me. Anyway, this song. I have so many things to say about it I'm not … Continue reading music of the month – november

you are waiting for yourself

I wanna talk about something I posted in May of last year, though I think I actually wrote it some time during 2016. I wrote a lot of posts talking about the same kind of thing around that time but this was the first one that came to mind when I thought about this so … Continue reading you are waiting for yourself


9:50pm I’m 19. I’m sat in the kitchen at the table listening to John Mayer belt out Edge of Desire and I’m wondering if I’ll remember this in 10 years time when I’m 29 and doing all the things adults are supposed to. I don’t feel like an adult, I certainly don’t want to be … Continue reading 07/02/17