Hi loves, Welcome to part 3 of my signed Kpop album haul! I've had these albums for a while now but I'm trying to space out the posts because otherwise there'd be a new one every week at the rate I'm buying them (rip my bank account). I told you this was going to turn … Continue reading KPOP SIGNED ALBUM HAUL #3 – STRAY KIDS, GOT7, JUS2

untouchable 15/06/17 10:11pm I really loved my room tonight. I mean, I love it anyway but some nights it's more beautiful than others. It's a Thursday evening, transitioning into the night and I'm listening to Untouchable by Taylor Swift. If you've heard it you'll understand. I'm sat here in my pyjamas with my hair tousled … Continue reading untouchable

m (train)

Hi loves, Quick ramble - there really isnโ€™t much point to this post and the only reason Iโ€™m making it is because I have a blog post for all of my tattoos so, I couldnโ€™t miss this one out because then Iโ€™d have a tattoo โ€˜explanationโ€™ missing but there really isnโ€™t much to explain about … Continue reading m (train)

The Astrology Archive – Gemini โ™Š๏ธ

Hi loves, Welcome to the next instalment of the Astrology Archives! A series thatย myself andย Fionaย have created where we each take it in turns to talk about the current star sign thatโ€™s active during that particular month. This month's sign is Gemini โ™Š๏ธย (sorry it's late!) Check out our other posts in the seriesโ€ฆ Aquariusย (20 Jan โ€“ … Continue reading The Astrology Archive – Gemini โ™Š๏ธ


Hi loves, If you're wondering when the crazy tattoo obsession will end for me the answer is apparently never - my latest appointment involved me getting 2 new additions and today's post is about one of them - the other one I'll speak about in a different post as this one requires a whole explanation … Continue reading 134340