tulsa jesus freak

itโ€™s 10pm. summer. kind of . iโ€™m lying here in the dark listening to lana . the noise of a fan whirrs in the background, cool air falls over me and my hair moves in the breeze as it oscillates. iโ€™m wearing an oversized t-shirt, thereโ€™s bruises on my legs from i donโ€™t know where . not sure where i got them but they keep appearing out of nowhere . my friends say itโ€™s cause i donโ€™t eat enough so i bruise easily, that and iโ€™m most probably anaemic. maybe a combination of both . iโ€™m sleepy but canโ€™t fall asleep . iโ€™m feeling dreamy . lying here in my own nostalgic lana dream . tulsa jesus freak is currently playing and i feel like iโ€™m in a movie as the cool air falls over me and flutters through the material of my shirt as i lie here with my eyes slowly closing . can i make you laugh with a smile? when you chose me i was nothing but ordinary, and now the windโ€™s reminding you of what you know. i got up to read sylvia plath but lay down again because iโ€™m too sleepy to focus right now, iโ€™m thinking of her though. always thinking and wondering and right now iโ€™m thinking about myself and how nice this feels and how nice i feel, maybe i am the girl of my own dreams. the girl of your dreams and the girl of my own. what a nice thing to be. i wouldnโ€™t want to be anyone or anywhere else.

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