who am i

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If youโ€™re reading this itโ€™s because youโ€™ve somehow managed to find your way onto my blog so, hello there โ€

Iโ€™m Chloe, Iโ€™m 19, Iโ€™m a writer and a dreamer and I was born in the wrong era – my dream is to live in Australia and I only type with capital lettersย because I want this blog to look nice.

I have a lot of things to say, but nowhere to say it – there are a lot of stories I want to tell, a lot of memories I want to share and a lot of magic I want to create.

I hope to share my thoughts, feelings and hopefully inspire and be inspired, our souls are limitless and I want to believe that I can do anything. I want to be nothing but real.

So many things inspire me, the world and the people in it inspire me to be better and to become everything I hoped I would be. This is a place to remind me that I still have time, I have all the time in the world. This is a journey I’m embarking on to find myself, to discover my soul and who I truly am. I’m so lost and this is me taking the steps in order to be found.

I wanted to start something new and to start something for myself so, here I am. I hope you enjoy reading my words as much as I enjoy writing them.

All my love, Chloe .xx

ย ย โ™ก

she is sugar, curiosity and rain

she wore flowers in her hair and carried magic secrets in her eyes. she spoke to no one. she spent hours on the riverbank and had midnight swims.

it is part of her beauty, this quality of being not quite there, dreamlike.

the universe was never something she feared, but an endless road she would travel carrying a suitcase full of flowers and a pocketful of promises to herself she intended to keep

she exists as in dreams. she has no sense of reality. she gets nervous because people are always interrupting her daydreams

people who inspire me: tia henricks, cartia mallan, the messy heads, mika francis, claire michelle
favourite thing to watch:
skinsย /ย stranger things
favourite film: grease / palo alto
favourite book: all the bright places / the catcher in the rye / looking for alaska
favourite artist: harry styles / lana del rey
other artists: frank ocean, childish gambino, ariana grande, viola beach, george michael, john mayer, ย birdy, the kooks, mac miller
favourite piece of music: born to die, the paradise edition
favourite faces: harry styles, jack kilmer, austin porter