writer’s (un)block

Trying to control my own happiness and tell myself that I’m in charge. I don’t know how to be mentally stronger and how to control my emotions. I get to choose how I feel right now, this could be the happiest moment of my life if I want it to be, but emotionally I don’t … Continue reading writer’s (un)block


turning sadness into art . turning you into poetry . you should be grateful i write you down . i’m grateful i write at all . when you’re gone all i do is think about you and it hurts me to watch you leave . you left in my rear view mirror and i thought … Continue reading drowning


we're driving down the highway and you're playing wings because i said i liked birdy and you said you did too. i'm everywhere and nowhere all at once. i miss you when you're here and i miss you when you're gone and i don't want you to go and i wonder what you're thinking. i … Continue reading wings


Sometimes you experience things and find yourself making a mental note to remember that moment in time to come, because you know it’s going to be important. The feeling is something you’re going to want to remember, so you tell yourself to take in as much of it as you can, so you can allow … Continue reading swing