a spider web and it’s me in the middle

24/12/18 I kind of got into this mindset of realising that some days I do wake up and want to feel utterly horrible. I want to listen to angry music and be rude and ignore everyone and refuse to make eye contact because some days, I need to let this rage out. Once I come … Continue reading a spider web and it’s me in the middle


butterfly fly away

Someone messaged me the other night that I hadn’t spoken to in…a long time. Years. I wanted to see what our last conversation had been before this just to refresh my memory, and I almost wish I hadn’t looked. This is extremely personal, even for me, so I’m not entirely sure why I’m sharing it … Continue reading butterfly fly away

1998 – 2013

The weather has been really beautiful lately, so warm and light with not a single cloud in the sky. It reminds me of that endless, nostalgic Summer I always talk about, because I feel like no matter what, I always go back to it. It’s at the core of everything for me, 2013 changed everything … Continue reading 1998 – 2013

life is exhausting

Life is so exhausting. Like honestly, exhausting. Everything is an effort, everything overwhelms me, life overwhelms me to the point I struggle to function. I’m so tired. I have no energy, and I’m so very tired. My mental health is really going down the drain at the minute. I don’t even have the energy to … Continue reading life is exhausting


Last night I stumbled across this piece of paper crumpled in the bottom of a clothing drawer and thought I'd share. I was 17. ✨ 02/04/15 I need to accept myself. I need to stop comparing myself to everyone else. Quit that. I need to stop second guessing everything I do, I end up just … Continue reading 2:37am