people are just people

Hi loves, It's a Friday night as I'm sat writing this (Saturday as I'm posting). I'm in my room by myself listening to slow music and thinking about everything that's been going on in my life lately. For some reason (aka the universe), everyone and their grandma seems to have been coming back into my … Continue reading people are just people



a journal excerpt "I think you have to bring it out of people, a lot of the time it's just a case of it being in there but no one has ever brought it out of them. Magic is everywhere, magic is in the people and I think that on lots of occasions it's just … Continue reading magic

la la land

I just watched La La Land, I cried and now I'm in a strange mood. An emotional mood where your heart wants to reach out to everything and hold on to it forever. I'm thinking of all the people I love and all the people I am yet to love. It was sad because in … Continue reading la la land


Hi loves, I've seen a lot of people talking about this lately and it's inspired me to share my own (very) personal thoughts and feelings on the word 'home'. I picked up my journals and flicked through the pages, picking out bits and pieces I wanted to include here without necessarily giving too much away, … Continue reading home


i’ve never been honest with my feelings, ever. i honestly can’t and don’t remember a time when i would ever tell anyone how i was really feeling unless i was on the verge of breaking point or someone was forcing me to answer because they knew i wasn’t okay and they weren’t going to be … Continue reading honesty