blond – a stream of consciousness

Do you ever love a certain piece of music so much that you know nothing that artist brings out after it will ever mean as much to you? Itโ€™s a problem for me and also something that bugs me a lot. There was a significant time in my life in 2013 where I listened to … Continue reading blond – a stream of consciousness


sometimes I wish I didn’t feel so much

*I wrote this a week ago when I was having a dark day, which I thought was important to share* Hi loves, It's a Sunday today as I'm writing this (Monday when I'm posting), it's 2:30pm and I'm curled up in bed. I've been up at 7:30am every day so far this week and haven't … Continue reading sometimes I wish I didn’t feel so much


Hi loves, I've seen a lot of people talking about this lately and it's inspired me to share my own (very) personal thoughts and feelings on the word 'home'. I picked up my journals and flicked through the pages, picking out bits and pieces I wanted to include here without necessarily giving too much away, … Continue reading home