cinammon girl

Hello my loves, Finally the tattoo shops are back open and the tattoo obsession continues! I know there are bigger problems in the world but not being able to get tattooed for pretty much all of 2020 was giving me a midlife crisis. Alas, the problem has now been solved. Also, apologies in advance for … Continue reading cinammon girl


Hello my loves, Uh...busy weekend. A few days ago I decided I wanted a new car and two days later I'd...bought a Range Rover. I can't believe it. It's arriving on Saturday and it still doesn't feel real that I, 23 year old Chloe, have bought a RANGE ROVER. I literally cannot sleep because I … Continue reading I BOUGHT A RANGE ROVER


We were watching old videos today. My nan has hundreds of VHS tapes from years and years ago and since it's quarantine, we decided to borrow a video player and play them. I sat with my mum and dad watching them, they were from '94 / 95, and then when I was born ('98) and … Continue reading Chloe


Hi loves, So, some big(ish?) news today… Your girl is starting a degree. I think I’ve said this somewhere before,Β but the educational side of me has always felt unfulfilled ever since I left school. 16 was a really weird age for me and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life … Continue reading degree