de ja vu

Hi guys, Little forewarning that this post is probably going to make absolutely no sense whatsoever and be difficult to follow because Iโ€™m having a hard time explaining this in a coherent manner, so I do apologise before you start reading the mess that is this post. Anyway, I donโ€™t know about anyone else, but … Continue reading de ja vu


living a life of art

Hi loves, Do any of you ever get to a point in life where you just sit there thinking...what now? Lately I've been so bored of life - of everything in general. Everything is boring the hell out of me, society, social media, day to day life...I've been throwing myself into the arts more now … Continue reading living a life of art

creative changes

Hi loves, Creativity has been whirling around my head lately and like I said in my 1 year blogiversary post, I wanted to make this blog a creative space and somewhere people can come to talk and feel inspired. I just wanna spread the magic, okay? So, Instead of looking at Midnight Wanderer as a … Continue reading creative changes