A quarantine book haul πŸ“š

Hello my loves, Due to the fact that the world is under lockdown at the moment, I took this as a great opportunity to buy....you guessed it, even more books.Β I say this in every haul but, I really need to stop buying so many, but I'm just too obsessed. I can't help it. Books are … Continue reading A quarantine book haul πŸ“š

Music of the Month – March

Hello my loves, Here's March's music! ☼ boys ain't shit - saygrace https://youtu.be/LxGCeaoR-V4 I've loved Grace for the longest time now and she hasn't brought out any music in years, so I was so happy when she finally brought out her new EP !! I've missed her voice so much. doin' too much - saygrace … Continue reading Music of the Month – March