anxiety is ruining my life

Hi loves, Happy December! And welcome to a nice, depressing post to start off Christmas the right way. I'm sorry. Anyway, guess whose head has been a whirring mess lately !! My brain feels like itโ€™s constantly on a rollercoaster that I canโ€™t seem to get off of and itโ€™s so exhausting. Anxiety is doing … Continue reading anxiety is ruining my life

the time of my life fighting dragons with you

I woke up the other morning thinking about how I stood in front of a church full of people talking about satan and the depths of hell when I read out my best friend's eulogy at her funeral. It was an inside joke, and I remember standing there talking about it and wondering if the … Continue reading the time of my life fighting dragons with you

on my mind

Hi loves, I feel like I need to write a post becauseโ€ฆI havenโ€™t written anything in what feels like ages. Iโ€™m not sure why. Honestly, I feel like I have nothing to talk about right now, my creativity bubble in the writing department has completely burst. I remember when I first started this blog and … Continue reading on my mind