i read 91 books in 2020 (wrap-up)

Hello my loves, I read 91 books this year! And I'm so happy about it. Also very proud of myself because like...I read almost 100 books between March-December 2020 and I'm not even sure how that happened. For reference, in 2019 I read a grand total of...21 books. Amazing, I know. As some of you … Continue reading i read 91 books in 2020 (wrap-up)

everyday sexism

Recently I read a book called Everyday Sexism by Laura Bates, and it is such a brilliant and important read. Everyone should read it. Everyone. It sparked a lot of things in me, it made me feel angry, more than anything. Angry that as a woman, this is the world I have been brought into and … Continue reading everyday sexism

July Book Reviews

Hi my loves, Here's July's book reviews! ☼ Every Single Secret - Emily Carpenter 3/5 Stars β˜†β˜†β˜† After reading my first Emily Carpenter book back in May,Β I really wanted to read more. Carptener has this Gillian Flynn vibe that I really love - the ability to create this psychological,Β  ominous and mysterious atmosphere that really … Continue reading July Book Reviews

a lil pin haul

Hi loves, If you've readΒ thisΒ post then you'll know that I love buying pins because they're so small...and cute...and great (I might be obsessed, don't tell anyone). I bought a few more recently so thought I'd do a little pin haul 'cause...who doesn't wanna look at cute pins. If you say no then you're lying to … Continue reading a lil pin haul