angel ✨

you don't have wings but you are an angelis what he said to meon a wednesday afternoon in septemberat 5:53i smiled and said no you areyou are an angel to meyou told me about how your day was goingyou told me that you felt freenothing to do and nowhere to besometimes you feel lost, sometimes … Continue reading angel ✨

talking to the moon

I lay in bed last night, windows wide open, talking to the moon. I do this often. Everyone believes in something or someone, I believe in the moon and the universe. I ask them questions in hopes they’ll answer. I got a little sad last night, maybe a little angry too. I started to think … Continue reading talking to the moon


Last night I stumbled across this piece of paper crumpled in the bottom of a clothing drawer and thought I'd share. I was 17. ✨ 02/04/15 I need to accept myself. I need to stop comparing myself to everyone else. Quit that. I need to stop second guessing everything I do, I end up just … Continue reading 2:37am