huji photos πŸ’«

Hello my loves, There's an app I discovered years ago now called Huji, it's like a polaroid camera app for your phone and every so often I'll see something and think...I need to take a Huji photo of that, which is nice, because it's sporadic and spontaneous and leaves me with a little collection of … Continue reading huji photos πŸ’«

starting anew

I'm having my room redone at the moment. The last time I had it done was when I was around 16. I remember enjoying how spacious it was after everything had been moved out of it in order to make room for the decorating. I liked the open white walls and having my bed in … Continue reading starting anew


There’s so many things that as I’m getting older, I’m learning to forgive myself for. Forgiving is such a graceful act, and I need to give myself more grace. Throughout life I’ve always told myself that everything was my fault, through lack of self love – everything went wrong because of you, this person left … Continue reading forgiveness


Here's some writing / thinking I did this morning. I have blurred some parts out for obvious reasons and yes my writing is incredibly messy. I hope it makes it harder to read. Questions courtesy of We're Not Really Strangers. Here's to 2021.