a little catch up!

Hello my loves! I feel like I haven’t sat down and written a chatty post for a while now…but I have missed it. The truth is, I’ve been so busy lately I just haven’t had the chance to sit down and talk, which is why I’ve been uploading hauls left right and centre instead (it will … Continue reading a little catch up!

a spider web and it’s me in the middle

24/12/18 I kind of got into this mindset of realising that some days I do wake up and want to feel utterly horrible. I want to listen to angry music and be rude and ignore everyone and refuse to make eye contact because some days, I need to let this rage out. Once I come … Continue reading a spider web and it’s me in the middle


Last night I stumbled across this piece of paper crumpled in the bottom of a clothing drawer and thought I'd share. I was 17. ✨ 02/04/15 I need to accept myself. I need to stop comparing myself to everyone else. Quit that. I need to stop second guessing everything I do, I end up just … Continue reading 2:37am


9:50pm I’m 19. I’m sat in the kitchen at the table listening to John Mayer belt out Edge of Desire and I’m wondering if I’ll remember this in 10 years time when I’m 29 and doing all the things adults are supposed to. I don’t feel like an adult, I certainly don’t want to be … Continue reading 07/02/17