clearly 16/09/18 9:34pm something is changing within me and i don't know what it is i'm seeing life in a whole new way everything is so fragile, people are so fragile be kind and give love and light to everyone, because god knows we need it people are so beautiful and i'm finding the beauty … Continue reading clearly

blond – a stream of consciousness

Do you ever love a certain piece of music so much that you know nothing that artist brings out after it will ever mean as much to you? It’s a problem for me and also something that bugs me a lot. There was a significant time in my life in 2013 where I listened to … Continue reading blond – a stream of consciousness

let it be

Hi loves, Long time no see, or so it feels like. If I’m being honest, it’s because my mental health is so bad right now I’m just struggling to cope with things in general. I spoke about it a little in this post where I basically just went on a massive ramble but I hate … Continue reading let it be