rain running

Walking has become my new saviour. Anxiety has become the prison I find myself trapped in and I’ve been searching for things that allow me to set myself free. I bought Spotify premium and mental health-wise it’s been such a good investment. I use Spotify everyday anyway, but recently I’ve been using it even more … Continue reading rain running

Music of the Month – April & May

Hello my loves, Here's a (very belated) April & May music! ☼ good days - sza https://youtu.be/2p3zZoraK9g kiss me more - doja cat ft. sza https://youtu.be/0EVVKs6DQLo better - the vamps https://youtu.be/l3SqeJoMBP0 treading water - the vamps https://youtu.be/VLo_AwC9qh4 traitor - olivia rodrigo https://youtu.be/6tsu2oeZJgo big girl$ don't cry - zhavia https://youtu.be/uo8YYMNA06Q Korean got it like that - … Continue reading Music of the Month – April & May