thank u, next I feel like I go back and fourth with this album, in comparison I always prefer Sweetener because that whole time period was simply the nicest and it has some beautiful Ari memories that I like to sit and re-live when listening to it. thank u, next, on the contrary, is a … Continue reading imagine


it’s the little things

Sometimes you just have to embrace and live for the little things. Life can really, really suck and so it's important to find little bits of happiness that are going to make your day. People always say it's the little things, and it really is true. The reason for writing this was inspired by the … Continue reading it’s the little things

futura free

Blond I found this in my phone notes and thought I'd share it here 'cause I wanted it on my blog and it's cool. It's an interview by Mikey Alfred with Frank's younger brother, Ryan, it's from the Boys Don't Cry magazine. πŸ’« Interviewer: Make sure you speak up Ryan: Okay Interviewer: What's your name? … Continue reading futura free