TV shows I’ve been loving lately

Hi angels, What's this I hear you ask ?? Chloe watching TV shows ?? The same Chloe that never watches TV shows 'cause she doesn't find them all that interesting?? Well finally I've watched enough recently that I can actually make a post out of. Hallelujah. I don't know what it is about TV and … Continue reading TV shows I’ve been loving lately

The Awesome Blogger Award (1 & 2)

Helloo my angels, I was nominated byΒ Hafsa and SOMEONE ELSE for this award - I've done it again and forgot to save the person's blog after they nominated me so if these are your questions please let me know!! Anyway, I'm super grateful for this award, Hafsa has such a sweet blog and I love … Continue reading The Awesome Blogger Award (1 & 2)