Feeling genuinely happy has been a pretty much foreign concept to me forโ€ฆever. Which sounds very dramatic but in the grand scheme of things I canโ€™t really remember points in my life where Iโ€™ve felt genuinely happy and content. Of course Iโ€™ve had happy times in my life, lots of them and which Iโ€™m very … Continue reading happiness


Thereโ€™s so many things that as Iโ€™m getting older, Iโ€™m learning to forgive myself for. Forgiving is such a graceful act, and I need to give myself more grace. Throughout life Iโ€™ve always told myself that everything was my fault, through lack of self love โ€“ everything went wrong because of you, this person left … Continue reading forgiveness


Last night I stumbled across this piece of paper crumpled in the bottom of a clothing drawer and thought I'd share. I was 17. โœจ 02/04/15 I need to accept myself. I need to stop comparing myself to everyone else. Quit that. I need to stop second guessing everything I do, I end up just … Continue reading 2:37am