Hello hello hello, Welcome back to the 5th instalment of Chlo's signed Kpop series where she spends an unnecessary amount of money on Kpop albums and then wonders why her bank account is constantly crying. As always, I try and space these out because I know there's only a small minority of you who actually … Continue reading KPOP SIGNED ALBUM HAUL #5 – BTS, X1, TAEMIN

Music of the Month – January

Hello loves, Here's January's music! β™‘ anyone - demi lovato I much prefer the live performance of this to the studio version though of course, both are incredibly beautiful. I think the false start at the beginning of the live performance really made it that much more emotional - you can both see and … Continue reading Music of the Month – January


Hi loves, If you're wondering when the crazy tattoo obsession will end for me the answer is apparently never - my latest appointment involved me getting 2 new additions and today's post is about one of them - the other one I'll speak about in a different post as this one requires a whole explanation … Continue reading 134340