coming into your own

I'm really starting to focus on the things that make me feel like myself these days. Not what makes me look the best physically, or what makes me look cool to other people, but myself. Through growth and time, that has become my main priority and the most important thing to me, and I'm embracing … Continue reading coming into your own


I sat in my car this morning listening to Trouble by Coldplay, it was rainy and gloomy and I sat there watching the rain fall down my windscreen. Lately I’ve been struggling with progress, I suppose. It’s so easy to feel isolated and get trapped inside your own bubble, inside your own mind. The past … Continue reading trouble(d)

on my mind

Hi loves, I feel like I need to write a post because…I haven’t written anything in what feels like ages. I’m not sure why. Honestly, I feel like I have nothing to talk about right now, my creativity bubble in the writing department has completely burst. I remember when I first started this blog and … Continue reading on my mind