June Book Reviews (Throne of Glass!)

Hi loves, More book reviews!! Here's what I've read so far in June... ☼ Flux - Orion Carloto 3/5 Stars β˜†β˜†β˜† You may have seen this from my book haul I posted a few weeks ago, and it didn't take me long to read it! I've followed Orion ever since she first started out on … Continue reading June Book Reviews (Throne of Glass!)


a rant about social media

Hi loves, Sorry I've been a bit vacant lately. To be honest I've just been feeling a bit under the weather and a little bit sorry for myself, I keep seeing everyone doing these amazing things that I want to do and I just sit here very aware of the fact I myself am not … Continue reading a rant about social media

phone anxiety

My phone gives me so much anxiety, yet when I think about the fact I could switch it off and end all of those feelings, I continue to charge it anyway. It's the feeling of staying connected - if I don't use my phone, how will people contact me? How will I talk to anyone? … Continue reading phone anxiety