clearly 16/09/18 9:34pm something is changing within me and i don't know what it is i'm seeing life in a whole new way everything is so fragile, people are so fragile be kind and give love and light to everyone, because god knows we need it people are so beautiful and i'm finding the beauty … Continue reading clearly


who are you, really?

Who are you, really? You are whatever you want to be. You are whoever you say you are. I kind of have two lives, I guess โ€“ my online life and my offline life. In my offline life I go to work every day and I have to do boring tasks like fill my car … Continue reading who are you, really?

for you, mac

It feels like everyone is dying lately, itโ€™s scaring the crap out of me. Every day you wake up and hear of another person in the limelight losing their life, whether itโ€™s intentional or not. Itโ€™s so surreal to me. Itโ€™s that moment where you sit there in complete and utter shock... in disbelief as … Continue reading for you, mac


Itโ€™s weird how for years you couldnโ€™t go a day without missing someone and now you donโ€™t miss them at all. The sickness is gone. The feeling no longer there. The storm has washed over you and washed everything away, and now all thatโ€™s left is the calm. The calm after the storm, as they … Continue reading she