thank u, next

Hi loves, Normally I'd put something like this in a monthly music post but of course, my queen deserves a post all all of her own. She released her latest album on February 8th and I for one wanna talk about it -ย thank u, next -ย let's go. Rather than going in the order of the … Continue reading thank u, next


Kpop Questions

Hi loves, Before you roll your eyes at the title of this post I will just hold my hands up and admit to the fact thatย YES I'M TALKING ABOUT KPOP AGAIN.ย I'm not even sorry. It's one of my favourite things and I can't help it okay it just makes me soย happy.ย Anyway, I need all the … Continue reading Kpop Questions

Courtesy Of: Chloe Luna โ€” A Musical Playlist

Hello friends! Todayโ€™s post is another Courtesy Of. Iโ€™ve been really trying to get as many people as I can included in these posts, because as much as I love rambling about my own musical tastes and interests of the month/week/day/minute, itโ€™s always good to get a fresh perspective, and discover some new music myself.ย [โ€ฆ] … Continue reading Courtesy Of: Chloe Luna โ€” A Musical Playlist