Music of the Month – May

Hi loves, Here's the music I've been loving in May! ☼ dear society - madison beer My girly did it again and released another banger. I seriously think Madison Beer is so underrated and I really like this song, also, she looks gorgeous as always. nightmare - halsey Halsey is a dream and … Continue reading Music of the Month – May


Guys, I did something bad. SomethingΒ really bad. Don't ask me how this happened, one moment I was looking at signed Kpop albums on the internet and the next thing...they were all in my cart and I'd bought them. Honestly, I've no idea how it happened. It just did. So anyway, aside from now being in … Continue reading KPOP SIGNED ALBUM HAUL #1 – BTS, GOT7, SHINEE

futura free

Blond I found this in my phone notes and thought I'd share it here 'cause I wanted it on my blog and it's cool. It's an interview by Mikey Alfred with Frank's younger brother, Ryan, it's from the Boys Don't Cry magazine. πŸ’« Interviewer: Make sure you speak up Ryan: Okay Interviewer: What's your name? … Continue reading futura free