what i got for christmas 2019

Hello my loves, I know I've already said this but I hope you all had a lovely Christmas! Sorry this post is LATE. I've never done a what I got for Christmas post before but this year (I mean, last year) some of the things I got were so cute and aesthetic I wanted to … Continue reading what i got for christmas 2019

i watched my first anime & it was great

Hi angels, I was supposed to write this post like 2 months ago now and I’ve only just managed to get around to it because I forgot I wanted to write about it in the first place which, clearly shows how important I thought it was to share with you all. Kidding. Anyway, about 2 … Continue reading i watched my first anime & it was great

a lil pin haul

Hi loves, If you've readΒ thisΒ post then you'll know that I love buying pins because they're so small...and cute...and great (I might be obsessed, don't tell anyone). I bought a few more recently so thought I'd do a little pin haul 'cause...who doesn't wanna look at cute pins. If you say no then you're lying to … Continue reading a lil pin haul