life is too short

Hi loves, As I've turned 20 I've realised something which I knew all along anyway, but I think waking up that morning and realising I was no longer a teenager anymore really brought things home for me. Life is too short. Life is too short for me to be cold and bitter because people have … Continue reading life is too short

20th birthday haul!

Hi loves, As you may (or may not) know, it was my 20th birthday last Thursday! I was going to do a what I got for my birthday post but decided not to because I went on a little shopping trip this weekend and treated myself to a couple of things (it's my birthday, right?) … Continue reading 20th birthday haul!


Hi loves, I thought I'd post this as a little mid week inspo for the weekend, here's a post I wrote a while ago about Sundays, and why they're so great. โ˜ผ It's Sunday today. The sun is shining outside and I'm currently sat here writing this as my family stand in the kitchen making … Continue reading sundays