letting go – a chat about anxiety

Hi loves, This is a long chat I wanted to have with myself, and you reading this, about anxiety. More so, my own, and how I'm dealing with it. It's important to open up, it's important to be honest. I thought I'd tell you what's on my mind. I hope you're all well. Love you … Continue reading letting go – a chat about anxiety



Hi loves, Welcome to part 4 of my Kpop signed album haul! I bought these albums a while ago now and IΒ wish I could upload these posts as and when I'm actually buying them but if I did that I might as well turn into a Kpop blog (not like I haven't already) so for … Continue reading KPOP SIGNED ALBUM HAUL #4 – BTS, SHINee, Taemin

from now on

11/09/19 this won’t make sense to you, but it does to me Sometimes I think I should start mashing my blog posts into 2. I write sections, excerpts here and there that aren’t enough to warrant a blog post of their own, but that I then don’t know what to do with afterwards. Maybe I … Continue reading from now on


Hi loves, So, some big(ish?) news today… Your girl is starting a degree. I think I’ve said this somewhere before,Β but the educational side of me has always felt unfulfilled ever since I left school. 16 was a really weird age for me and I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life … Continue reading degree