my 7th & 8th tattoos (god is a woman)

Hi loves, Now, I made a post last week about my sixth tattoo, but I also mentioned I got two other tattoos along with it and would do a post on those shortly. Well, hi. Hereโ€™s the post. So my seventh and eighth tattoos are tiny, hence why Iโ€™ve grouped them together, the first one … Continue reading my 7th & 8th tattoos (god is a woman)


Itโ€™s weird how for years you couldnโ€™t go a day without missing someone and now you donโ€™t miss them at all. The sickness is gone. The feeling no longer there. The storm has washed over you and washed everything away, and now all thatโ€™s left is the calm. The calm after the storm, as they … Continue reading she