Being vulnerable isn't beautiful, it's terrifying. There's always this saying that being vulnerable is a beautiful and brave thing to do. But it's not. I don't feel brave at all. I feel terrified and anxious and like all the air has been sucked out of my lungs and I can't remember the last time I … Continue reading vulnerability

the text message diaries – perception (#5)

Hi my loves, Welcome to the 5th instalment of the text message diaries! There are some of you who are new here and won't have seen me post one of these yet, but it's basically a little series I created on my blog back in 2018 where I post text message conversations I've had with … Continue reading the text message diaries – perception (#5)


There’s so many things that as I’m getting older, I’m learning to forgive myself for. Forgiving is such a graceful act, and I need to give myself more grace. Throughout life I’ve always told myself that everything was my fault, through lack of self love – everything went wrong because of you, this person left … Continue reading forgiveness


Here's some writing / thinking I did this morning. I have blurred some parts out for obvious reasons and yes my writing is incredibly messy. I hope it makes it harder to read. Questions courtesy of We're Not Really Strangers. Here's to 2021.