Music of the Month – September

Hi loves, I think this may be the shortest monthly music post I’ve done in a hot minute so look forward to that! I feel like nothing happened in September in terms of music, I don’t know why – my list is just comparably shorter than my other monthly posts, I think I’m a little … Continue reading Music of the Month – September

from now on

11/09/19 this won’t make sense to you, but it does to me Sometimes I think I should start mashing my blog posts into 2. I write sections, excerpts here and there that aren’t enough to warrant a blog post of their own, but that I then don’t know what to do with afterwards. Maybe I … Continue reading from now on


thank u, next I feel like I go back and fourth with this album, in comparison I always prefer Sweetener because that whole time period was simply the nicest and it has some beautiful Ari memories that I like to sit and re-live when listening to it. thank u, next, on the contrary, is a … Continue reading imagine

thank u, next

Hi loves, Normally I'd put something like this in a monthly music post but of course, my queen deserves a post all all of her own. She released her latest album on February 8th and I for one wanna talk about it -Β thank u, next -Β let's go. Rather than going in the order of the … Continue reading thank u, next