Music of the Month – July

Hi loves, I feel like this month's music is...endless. Like seriously. It's really long and I can't be bothered to edit it (it felt like it took me a million years pls). Let's go. ☼ indigo - chris brown One ofΒ theΒ best songs I've heard in a long time, like seriously, it's so good it's … Continue reading Music of the Month – July

music of the month – april

Hello loves, April is an important month for music this year because do you know what happened this month ??? I'll tell you. I'LL TELL YOU. BTS' Map of The Soul: Persona was released and the whole world went into meltdown. That's what happened. Allow me to scream. ☼ (here are my 3 faves) boy … Continue reading music of the month – april