what i got for christmas 2020 πŸŽ„

Hello my loves, Happy belated Christmas! I hope you all had the most wonderful day despite the circumstances. As you'll know if you've been around for a while now, every year I do a what I got for Christmas post and of course, this year is no different. This year for me personally has been … Continue reading what i got for christmas 2020 πŸŽ„

The Christmas Tag β„️

Hello my loves, Considering I haven't done anything Christmassy on my blog this year I thought I'd take the time to well...do it now! I did a Christmas tag a few years ago on my blog and really enjoyed it so, I thought I'd do another one. I've (tried) to pick different questions this time … Continue reading The Christmas Tag β„️

m (train)

Hi loves, Quick ramble - there really isn’t much point to this post and the only reason I’m making it is because I have a blog post for all of my tattoos so, I couldn’t miss this one out because then I’d have a tattoo β€˜explanation’ missing but there really isn’t much to explain about … Continue reading m (train)