June Book Reviews

Hi my loves, Here's June's book reviews! ☼ Dear Edward - Ann Napolitano 4/5 stars β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜† This is a book I'm glad I read, as I feel as though I could've easily missed it. Keeping in mind the cover of this book, even before reading the story, just the cover alone felt like something you'd … Continue reading June Book Reviews


Hello my loves, Where to start this post. First of all, with a disclaimer. If you are a person who believes that there is even anΒ ounceΒ of goodness within the horrifying, disgusting imbecile that is Donald Trump, unfollow me. I hate that creature more than I hate anyone else in the world. If you support him … Continue reading BLACK LIVES MATTER


We were watching old videos today. My nan has hundreds of VHS tapes from years and years ago and since it's quarantine, we decided to borrow a video player and play them. I sat with my mum and dad watching them, they were from '94 / 95, and then when I was born ('98) and … Continue reading Chloe